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Effective Protection

from pollen, ultra-fine dust, and harmful pollutants

Sneezing attacks, watery eyes and breathing difficulties create strenuous and unsafe driving conditions.  Airmatic cabin filters drastically improve the air quality inside the vehicle. With a precision-fit filter, pollen, dirt particles, dust, diesel soot, and exhaust emissions from everyday traffic cannot find their way into the vehicle.

Nitrogen oxide from diesel-powered vehicles negatively impact people and the environment. In some cases, and depending on the traffic, the air quality in the vehicle is more than 25 times greater than the limit value of 40 micrograms of nitrogen dioxide per cubic meter. Inhalation of nitrogen dioxide can lead to considerable health problems. New studies prove that harmful emissions do not dissipate when driving on the highway.

For this reason, biofunctional activated carbon filters are now available for many of the filters in our extensive product range. These filters have an additional biofunctional layer. In addition to the filtration of gases and odors, they also prevent bacteria and mildew from forming and growing on the filter. Biofunctional activated carbon filters offer real added value and protect your health!

We meet all quality requirements and have been certified since 1999.

  • Specializing in the independent aftermarket

  • “Made in Germany” quality at competitive prices

  • Speedy response to inquiries

  • Low-volume production und custom-made fabrication possible

  • Our entire assortment can also be labeled with your own brand name

  • TOPMOTIVE data accessibility

  • Technical drawings available upon request

Filter types

Our cabin filters filter the outside air before it enters the interior of the vehicle.


Our filters are developed and produced in accordance with OE standards. This guarantees the best filtration performance.

Cabin filters

We now offer filters for more than 85,734 different vehicle applications.


Innovative production lines enable flexible production and top quality on a consistent basis.


Particle, (premium) activated carbon, and biofunctional activated carbon filters


vehicle applications

approx. 95%

of fleet vehicles

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