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Airmatic Filterbau GmbH
An der Alten Ziegelei 36
48157 Münster

+49 (0) 251 92 45 72 0
+49 (0) 251 92 45 72 10
Automotive Cabin Filters for the Independent After-Market

home_filter.gifWe currently develop and produce 650 different types of top-quality cabin filters for automotive application. Our constantly-growing range of particle and activated carbon filters is simply unmatched in the after-market, cabin filter sector.

Our unique supply of in-stock merchandise, guarantees maximum delivery performance and the shortest response time. You can expect smooth and professional transactions and the best-possible service. Your own brand name can even appear on any of our filters.

These advantages enable you to meet the needs of your customer base, including garages, workshops and stores. We make it possible for you to market your products in the most efficient way imaginable.


regular replacement of cabin filters reduces:


  • unpleasant odour
  • harmful emission 
  • fogged- up windshields
  • pollen concentration
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Regular filter replacement is extremely important.
Properly-functioning filters greatly improve air quality and are conducive to healthy driving. >>more